Read the entire label and follow label directions. More is NOT better. Applying too much product can promote disease and insect issues. Over applying liquid products can discolor lawns and make the product ineffective.

Proper mowing is essential for optimal grass conditions. Lawns should be mowed at 2 inches in the Spring and Fall, and at least 3 inches in the summer months to help alleviate stress. Make sure mower blades are sharp to keep grass healthy.

Irrigation systems and water needs are different for every property. Typically, irrigation is turned on early Spring, when your lawn doesn’t really need additional water, our region usually gets plenty of rain. Make sure your system has a rain gauge, so your system doesn’t run when it is raining. Make sure to empty the gauge after a rain event. If your lawn doesn’t need additional water do not run your system. Most of you will only need to run your systems every 3 days. Too much water can promote shallow root systems and increase disease and insect pressure. Set your system to water between 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Watering at night will promote disease and insect issues.

Teamwork between your lawn mowing company and your irrigation company are important to a healthy lawn and a happy homeowner.