At Organic Turf Trade, we combine scientific information about your yard with professional knowledge to make sure you only use the products your lawn, trees, and garden plants need. We have services that protect you, because blind recommendations result in disappointment, wasted money, and poor environmental decisions.

Expert Advice

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Our team of agronomic specialists have spent over 130 years working with golf superintendents, pro-sports field managers, landscapers and homeowners just like you. We have the solutions and answers for your questions regarding your lawn, trees and shrubs, all for FREE!

Yard Measurement

Save money, time, and the environment and buy only what you need when you know how much land you need to cover. Our Plott measurement wheel accurately and easily measures your yard so you choose not only the right products but equally important, the right amount of products.

Property Evaluation

Maintaining your own yard can seem daunting. Organic Turf Trade works closely with you to perform an extensive, detailed, analysis of your property. Our in-depth approach examines your grass needs, soil characteristics, watering practices, and light intensity to help you choose products and programs that suit the growing environment, your lawn, and your budget needs.

Soil Testing

A soil test gives you a lot of information and measures much of what is beneficial or can hurt your lawn, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. You get information that can help you determine what kind of fertilizer or plant health products you need. It also identifies toxins, like certain salts, that can injure roots and ultimately plant health. Soil compaction and hardness is also measured so you know if roots are being strangled, nutrients are being tied up or water is being blocked or diverted from roots. Organic Turf Trade offers soil testing…  


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