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Our promise is to help you “Grow with Care” so you can enjoy a beautiful, sustainable, and environmentally friendly yard. We create safety-focused programs based only on the needs of your yard and provide organic products supplied directly from our parent company; a family-owned business that supplies professional products and services to Golf Courses, Landscapers, and Municipalities…

We’ll Help Make Your Yard the Envy of the Neighborhood

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Take the Guesswork out of Caring for your Yard

Bio-Fusion G

Bio-Fusion is 100% organic plant health booster will make sure you condition your soil and feed your lawn, trees, shrubs, flowering shrubs, and flowers all season. Bio-Fusion frees up tied up nutrients in the soil, so plants get the food they need and all the benefits of beneficial bacteria, carbon, and fulvic and humic acids for soil health. Plus, we threw in cytokines, silicon, and organic acids to make plants healthier and stronger to better tolerate summer drought and stress. And bonus, it is safe in your vegetable gardens too.

Lawn pick me up, 16-2-3 Organic Fertilizer

16-2-3 combines organic nutrients with AccuBLu(slow release) so all your plants respond right away and stay healthy and green. This has an added micro package to aid in keeping the plant healthy.

OrganicPrecise™ 7-5-7, Feed, protect, green-up and it’s 100% Organic.

Young seedlings more easily take in and use nutrients and water more efficiently. We also added anti-stress compounds so grass can stand-up to disease and insect attacks.

8-14-4 EC Plus Bio-Fusion is a great combination for plant health.

This organic-based starter fertilizer wakes grass up and also gives young seedlings the boost they need to grow uniformly and healthy.  Added Calcium and Organic Turf Trade exclusive Bio-fusion help maximize fertilizer performance, minimize environmental impact, manage spring rains, feed the soil and young seedlings, and help release any tied-up nutrients.

Fall Is The Time To Soil Test

What does your yard need?
Don’t just use any yard products. Use what your yard needs. Let us share with you tools the pros use so you can easily know what your lawn, trees, shrubs, and flower gardens need. When you measure and know, you save money and the environment.
• Soil Tests
• Soil pH
• Soil temperature
• Soil moisture

Our Expertise

Ask the Expert


Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Get answers to your lawn, trees, shrub, and flower garden questions. Your agronomic specialists have spent 30 plus years working with golf superintendents, landscapers, and homeowners, like you. You get expert advice tailored just for you, for free. Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours

Protecting the Environment

Doing what comes naturally.

Together we can adopt practices to conserve water, protect the environment and help keep our neighborhoods beautiful. Small changes can yield big results if we all contribute. Your conservation efforts are important, at work and home, inside and out. Working together protects all of us and lets us enjoy a greener, environmentally friendly neighborhood today and tomorrow.

Key Success Factors for a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

Key Success Factors for a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

Read the entire label and follow label directions. More is NOT better. Applying too much product can promote disease and insect issues. Over applying liquid products can discolor lawns and make the product ineffective. Proper mowing is essential for optimal grass...

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is crucial to almost every aspect of life from drinking, bathing, and food preparation to healthy yards and trees as well as the survival of fish and wildlife. Your water conservation efforts are important, at work and home, inside and out. Find out how Organic...

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Spring in New Jersey

Spring in New Jersey

What images does a spring day conjure up in your mind? Bright yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze, Rhodies beckoning to bloom, the vibrant blues of the Hydrangea, quiet walks on windswept beaches, or soaking rains that quench the thirst of vibrant landscapes. Early...

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