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Reinvigorate Your Lawn by Spring Seeding

Did your lawn take a beating this past winter? Whether you need to overseed to freshen up your entire yard or spot treat thin and bare areas, OTT will walk you through what you need to ensure quick, uniform seedling establishment for a lush, dense, lawn all season...

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Weed Preventative

16-2-3 w/ Dimension combines our flagship fertilizer with a professional pre-emergent to provide preventative weed control for up to 6 months while also supplying your lawn with a premium nutrition package
South Jersey Lawn Care

Professional Weed and Feed

18-0-4 w/ LockUp contains a 3-way professional herbicide that effective post-emergent weed control of over 100 noxious weeds while providing your lawn with essential nutrients

Premium Weed Control

8-14-1 Premier Start is a premium starter fertilizer that contains a beneficial bacteria and fungus package for faster germination and strengthen and quickly mature the roots of young seedlings

Organic Weed Prevention

Corn Gluten is an organic pre-emergent alternative that offers preventative weed control for the entire growing season and nutrients for 1 month with a 9-0-0 analysis.

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