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Reinvigorate Your Lawn by Spring Seeding

Did your lawn take a beating this past winter? Whether you need to overseed to freshen up your entire yard or spot treat thin and bare areas, OTT will walk you through what you need to ensure quick, uniform seedling establishment for a lush, dense, lawn all season...

Solutions and Programs

16-2-3 with Dimension

A fertilizer plus crabgrass control that protects your lawn and makes it look good.

Patented, precise slow-release fertilizer that gives you quick spring green-up while it controls unsightly crabgrass. We also added Calcium for better root growth and stronger grass stand for increased protection from stress.

EC + Bio-fusion

Get a head start on Spring and erase winter damage.

This combination of Lime, soil health additives, and plant health boosters wakes up your lawn and gives it what it needs to erase winter damage and start to grow. Bring your soils back to optimal growing conditions and help your lawn use applied fertilizer more efficiently, for less waste and more sustainable practices.

22-0-4 PLUS

Value-added fertilizer is bulked up with water management and anti-stress compounds.

The King of all slow-release fertilizers that can be used all season. You get predictable, precise release of nitrogen and potassium plus stress-fighting compounds, water management benefits, and bacteria to feed and keep soils healthy too. When only the best will do.

Athletic Mix

All seed is not created equal.

This is our pick for a great spring seed choice because of its ability to germinate quickly, spread laterally for uniform density, its great color, and it can take a beating from pets and children at play. And it is an A-LIST Approved Variety, which means it meets rigorous requirements in water conservation, reduced fertility and traffic, heat, and drought stress tolerances, all with no fungicide or insecticide applications.

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Lawn Basics and Information

A Must Read for Those Using a Drop Spreader

A Must Read for Those Using a Drop Spreader

There are several benefits to choosing a dop-spreader. They are accurate and easy to use. Visual wheel tracks from the spreader make it easy to see where you last applied product. Product placement is precise since product drops down between the wheels and doesn’t...

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Getting the Most from your Rotary-Spreader?

Getting the Most from your Rotary-Spreader?

There are several benefits to choosing a rotary-spreader. Rotary spreaders save you time because they spread the product over a wider strip, per pass, allowing faster treatment of the total area. And rotary spreaders are compatible with many products, including...

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