Products you can rely on.

Products approved and used by the Pros are now available to you, the homeowner. We negotiated with top-notch manufacturers on your behalf to get you smaller package sizes at prices you can afford.  These high-performing products are organic or environmentally friendly and control common weeds and insects that think they can join your outside family activities.

Mosquitos are always the biggest complaint. Don’t let them take a bite out of your fun. Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech gives you 90-day control.  No sprays, fogs, nets, citronella, electronic equipment, or zappers. All you need is water. Hang the tube on a fence, shed, or tree and safely enjoy your yard – no swatting, itching, or red welts. Ticks or other insects a problem, we can help you get rid of them too.

Weeds thrive on weak, stressed grass and compacted unhealthy soil.

  • Keep soils healthy.
  • Use value-added fertilizers that contain soil health additives like beneficial bacteria, carbon, and sucrose. Organic soil amendments, like Peptide, are also important to build soil health.
  • Soils have to breathe too. Increase oxygen levels by aerating and/or applying Calcium to open up compacted soils.
  • Promote thick lawns to crowd out weeds.

Save time and money.

Accurately identify the weed and/or insect intruder and only then can you choose the best product for your problem and budget. Follow label directions to get the best results and reduce the need for repeat applications. All Organic Turf Trade products are researched, and homeowner tested, so we know they work and are safe.

Save the planet.

Knowing your soil moisture levels, pH, temperature, and how to calibrate equipment ensures you apply the right product, at the right time, at the right rate, under the right growing conditions. Reduce waste, potential run-off, and water quality contamination. Using 100% organic or environmentally friendly herbicides and insecticides also keeps your family, pets, and the environment safe.

Expert Advice.

We know maintaining your yard can seem daunting. Your Organic Turf Trade family shows you how to care for your yard with products and other important growing practices. We are here to support you and answer all your questions. Get step-by-step instructions and professional advice from expert advisors with over 130 years of combined experience. Welcome to our family.