C20 Microbial Aeration

C20 is a granular product sourced from harvested grains creating a carbon food source for indigenous soil microbes which increases microbial populations to create a thriving, living & productive soil that promotes root health.

  • Urban soils lack carbon and are prone to compaction
  • Making this application will replenish the carbon supply
  • Carbon feeds microbes/microbes decompress soil

Microbial Aeration relieves soil compaction:

  • Without disturbing the surface of the property treated
  • Without disrupting the recreational use of the turf (no holes or messy, muddy plugs!)
  • Without the risk of damage to irrigation systems, dog fences or other onsite structures

Visit us at our store in Gloucester County, NJ at 517 Franklinville Rd in Mullica Hill. One of our yard care associates will be happy to help you select the right products for your project. For more information about prices or availability, please call 856-478-6704 or email us at yardcare@organicturftrade.com


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