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C’mon, Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

Com’on let’s get our hands dirty.   A few days of warm weather and we get excited to plant our spring flowers. Make it a family affair, get outside and work together to prep your gardens for months of beautiful flowers. Start by removing leaves and other debris...

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Safely Kills Weeds

A granular weed control product that kills weeds early before they germinate. Safe to use on trees, shrubs, bulbs, ground covers, patio containers, and in flower gardens. Need a spreader to apply, no worries, we have several you’ll like


100% Organic Fertilizer for most Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, and Vegetables

Use once a month in your flower gardens for more blooms and beautiful vibrant colors. Your vegetable gardens will love it monthly too. Trees and shrubs will keep their deeper green foliage when fed in the spring and then again in the fall. For your acid-loving plants consider Holly-tone.


100% Organic Fertilizer for All Your Acid-Loving Plants

Not sure if your trees, shrubs, or flowers prefer an acidic growing environment? Check out the attached video and learn how you can get more blooms, vibrant colors, larger and deeper green foliage from your acid-loving plants. Make sure you check your soil pH too with a soil test or our hand-held pH meter.

Bio Fusion

Conditions your soil, feeds your trees, shrubs, flowering shrubs, and flowers all season. 

Bio-Fusion frees up tied-up nutrients in the soil, so plants get the food they need and all the benefits of beneficial bacteria, carbon, and fulvic and humic acids for soil health. Plus, we threw in cytokines, silicon, and organic acids to make plants healthier and stronger to better tolerate summer drought and stress. And bonus, it is safe in your vegetable gardens too.

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Trees & Ornamentals

Gardening Guru Guidelines for NJ Friendly Gardens

Gardening Guru Guidelines for NJ Friendly Gardens

Vibrant, beautiful flowers make us all smile and improve our mental and physical well-being. And bonus, they help the environment too. Flowers are a source of food for many creatures while other plants act as natural insecticides that repel unwanted insects that can...

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Mulching Trees and Gardens – Magic or Mess?

Mulching Trees and Gardens – Magic or Mess?

Mulch can reduce weeds, keep roots cool in summer, increase soil health, help you conserve water, maintain adequate soil moisture…and it can increase the visual appeal of trees, shrubs, and flower beds. BUT only if done right.  What should you consider when choosing...

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Acid Loving Plants

Acid Loving Plants
Chart courtesy of The Espoma Company

How to Feed Acid Loving Plants

pH Scale for Trees & Flowers

Chart to show pH scale for trees and flowers


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