What images does a spring day conjure up in your mind? Bright yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze, Rhodies beckoning to bloom, the vibrant blues of the Hydrangea, quiet walks on windswept beaches, or soaking rains that quench the thirst of vibrant landscapes.

Early in the morning you can hear the eager chirps of baby birds waiting for breakfast to be served or a red-tailed hawk gliding low and scouting along the waterway. Turtles sun themselves while other small, furry creatures scurry and play in the natural, undisturbed grasslands that abound. No matter what you enjoy about spring, New Jersey has it.

Small Changes. Big Results.
Now that you have a smile on your face, a warm feeling in your belly, and a spring in your step, Organic Turf Trade, a company committed to beautiful yards and environmental stewardship, invites you to join them in adopting more sustainable practices. It is time for all of us to become better stewards of the environment, protect, conserve, and preserve it.

Organic Turf Trade offers you over 25 years of experience and uses science to help you choose and use only what your yard needs, which protects our environment. These site-specific, tailored nutritional and yard protection programs reduce the need for multiple applications, helping to reduce carbon footprints, environmental contamination, and product waste. For example, Organic Turf Trade products such as AccuBlu allow for fewer fertilizer applications per year as well as less waste and chances for run-off into our waterways.

We also make our own products, hand-selecting more environmentally friendly alternatives; organic choices, products that are safer and protect your loved ones, two and four-legged. There are products, Like Peptide, made from green vegetable biomass and Bio-Fusion that naturally wake up your lawn, trees, and shrubs after a snowy winter. These products encourage growth, protect roots, and make them stronger so you can reduce the amount of chemicals used and keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy.

It is our responsibility to protect the environment and help make this earth a better place today and in the future for our children. If we all do our part inside and outside of our houses to protect our water sources, conserve water, and use more organic and environmentally friendly yard products, we can make a difference.

Environmental Stewardship – not just words today but a way of life for an even better tomorrow.